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New California Corporation Meeting and Minute Annual Service - Just $999

Prepared By: Melissa C. Marsh, Los Angeles Business And Corporate Attorney
Written: March 2009 - Last Updated: June 2016

Los Angeles, California Business and Corporation Attorney, Melissa C. Marsh, now offers an annual Corporate Meeting & Minute Service for all California corporations to assist the shareholders in maintaining their personal limited liability protection by satisfying their obligations to notice and hold the required annual and special meetings of the shareholders and the board of directors, and to document those meetings with the proper minutes, or written consents.

If you would like a licensed California Corporate Attorney to prepare all your corporation's minutes, not just the form annual minutes provided by document preparers and scam companies that send government looking notices in the mail both of which are grossly deficient, purchase our Corporate Meeting and Minutes Compliance Plan by simply calling 818-849-5206 or Emailing Your Request. Be sure to include: your full name, your corporation's name, address, telephone number and email address.

Do I Really Need This Service? Just ask yourself when was the last time your corporation:

  1. Held an annual or special meeting of the (sole) shareholder(s), or the board of directors (sole director) to document the acquisition of a credit line, the opening of a new credit card account, a loan, the payoff of a loan, or the execution or renewal of a lease?
  2. Sent a notice of the annual and special meetings to the (sole) shareholders and the board of directors (sole director)?
  3. Prepared minutes of the annual and special meetings of the (sole) shareholders and board of directors (sole director) signed by all of the shareholders and directors and filed them in the corporate minute book?
  4. Filed a file stamped copy of the annual Information Statement of the Officers and Directors in the Corporate Minute Book?
  5. Documented a shareholder loan to the corporation with a real promissory note and special minutes of the board of directors approving the loan?

If your answer is "Never" or "I Can't Remember" then you not only need our Corporate Compliance Plan but probably also need our Corporate Clean Up Service. To order our Corporate Compliance Plan, or Corporate Clean Up Service, simply call: 818-849-5206 or SEND US AN EMAIL .

Comparison Chart
Annual Corporate Compliance Plan – Only $999 Cost
With Plan

Unlimited telephone calls (up to one 15 minute telephone conference per month) during which you may have your questions regarding the organization and maintenance of your corporation answered.


Prepare reminder letter to the corporation the month before the annual meetings of shareholders and directors notifying the corporation of the annual meetings date.


Prepare the minutes of the annual meeting of shareholders and directors, or an Action by Unanimous Written Consent for resolutions adopted in lieu of the annual meeting.


Prepare a Corporate Record Summary of important shareholder, director and other corporate information.


Prepare the corporation's required annual Information Statement of Officers and Directors to prevent the inadvertent suspension of the corporation.



$999 $2200+

For those corporations that subscribe to our Corporate Compliance Plan, we will also prepare minutes of special meetings of the board of directors at a discounted rate of $250 each. Without the plan, the cost varies but typically averages $500 each. The average corporate client requires typically 2 to 3 special minutes per year, typically to document a loan, dividend distribution, increase or decrease in salary, unusual equipment expense, or lease.

$250 Each $500 Each

CALL: 818-849-5206 or

Still Unsure? Four More Reasons to Use Our Corporate Meeting and Minutes Compliance Plan:

  1. You can have your questions regarding the maintenance of your corporation quickly answered at no additional charge (up to one 15 minute call per month).
  2. Your corporate notices, minutes of meetings and resolutions will actually get prepared.
  3. It is a relatively cheap form of insurance to maintain your personal liability protection. Compare that to the cost of defending a corporate audit by the IRS, or the potential liability you may face personally if a creditor or claimant (potential plaintiff) pierces the corporate veil because the corporation failed to follow the formalities of operating in the corporate form. Isn't one of the primary reasons you chose to incorporate the personal "limited liability protection" afforded to corporations? Don't throw it away!

    Granted you could use any one of the hundreds of document preparers, or online service providers, to prepare your minutes for as little as $200, but remember – you get what you pay for and typically they only prepare a one size fits all year end meeting. Unfortunately, most, if not all corporations, need a bit more than that to maintain their corporate shield and personal liability protection.
  4. My experience shows that you won't actually prepare the documents yourself – your corporate book will just sit on the shelf where you left it.

    In my experience as a business lawyer for over 20 years, most corporations fail to hold their annual meetings, prepare the required notices, prepare the required minutes, or resolutions, and the director(s) rarely if ever looks at the corporate minute book, let alone maintain it. The owners are always going to do it, but never actually get around to it. It is only after the corporation is notified that it is either being sued or audited, when it's too late to update the corporate minute book, that the owners of the corporation wish they had properly maintained their corporation.

    A client recently asked me to assist him in getting his corporate minute book in order. The client had been sued and the attorney for the plaintiff was trying to pierce the corporate veil to go after the client’s personal assets. While my office routinely performs “corporate clean up,” we cannot perform the service in a manner that would be even remotely helpful after a lawsuit is initiated, or an audit noticed. It would be tantamount to fraud to go back and create old records that never truly existed. Because the lawsuit was already pending, it was very likely that the plaintiff would succeed in piercing the corporate veil such that the client would be personally responsible for the corporation's debts and obligations, and in all likelihood forced into bankruptcy. Don’t let this happen to you.

If you would like to have Los Angeles, California business law attorney Melissa Marsh to prepare your annual minutes and answer your questions regarding the maintenance of your California corporation, simply call 818-849-5206 or Email Your Request.

Your notices will get mailed and your corporate minutes will always be prepared on time. All you will have to do is keep us informed of your business mailing address, answer a short questionnaire, get the shareholders and directors to sign the documents we send to you, and return them to us for us to scan. If you return the signed documents, we will maintain a digital minute book for your corporation and send you a copy via email for your own records.

If you would like to have a Los Angeles, California business law attorney, Melissa Marsh, audit your California corporation to determine what needs to be done to restore the corporation's separate legal entity status and the limited liability protection it should provide, call 818-849-5206 or E-mail Your Request .

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