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What California Landlords Need to Know About Paying Live-in Resident Managers

Written By: Melissa C. Marsh, Esq., California Business Attorney, January 2017

In California, if a building has 16 or more units, the owner is required to have a live-in manager. See, California Code of Regulations Title 25, Section 42. Pursuant to the California Industrial Welfare Commission (IWC) Minimum Wage Order No. 5-2001 and MW-2014 a live-in resident manager is an employee, not an independent contractor, and as such must be paid the minimum wage for all hours worked. [...]else400

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New California Protections For The Little Guy in Arbitration Proceedings

Written By: Melissa C. Marsh, Esq., California Business Attorney, January 2017

On September 25, 2016, Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 1007 into law. Senate Bill 1007, codified in Section 1282.5 of the California Code of Civil Procedure, provides new protections for the little guy (including consumers and employees) in arbitration proceedings. Senate Bill 1007 gives any party to an arbitration proceeding "the right to have a certified shorthand reporter transcribe [...]else400

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California and the City of Los Angeles' Local City Minimum Wage for 2017

Written By: Melissa C. Marsh, Esq., California Business Attorney, January 2017

As everyone in California by now knows, both the State of California and many local cities are in the process of increasing the minimum wage. As more and more cities individually enact and revise their own local living minimum wage, it is becoming harder and harder for small businesses to keep up. Consequently, I have put together this post along with links to the various local city ordinances [...]else400

Posted In: Employment Law News 

Challenging a California Labor Commissioner Ruling May Require a Bond

Written By: Melissa C. Marsh, Esq., California Business Attorney, January 2017

Effective January 1, 2017, A.B. 2899 amends Labor Code §1197.1. to require California employers seeking a writ of mandate to contest an adverse Labor Commissioner wage and hour ruling to post a bond for the assessed amount of unpaid wages (including minimum wages, overtime, and liquidated damages, but not penalties).

Prior to enactment, a California employer was only required to post a bond when appealing a wage and hour claim filed by an employee.

Now, [...]endtagpara

Posted In: Employment Law News 

Out Of State Employers Prohibited From Requiring CA Employees To Bring Claims in Another State

Written By: Melissa C. Marsh, Esq., California Business Attorney, January 2017

In September of 2016, Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 1241, which adds Section 925 to the Labor Code. Labor Code §925 further restricts out of state employers from evading California’s strict employee protection laws.

Effective January 1, 2017, California Labor Code §925 restricts out of state employers ability to require employees who primarily live and work in California to [...]else400

Posted In: Business Law Bulletin  Corporate Client Bulletin  Employment Law News 

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