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Your Legal Corner - Client Alert Blog - Archives for October 2013


CA Landlords Prohibited From Demanding Cash or Electronic Deposit of Rent

Written By: Melissa C. Marsh, Esq., California Business Attorney, October 2013
This is a reminder to ALL California landlords demanding payment of the rent by bank deposit, or cash.

Effective January 1, 2013, a landlord must allow a tenant to pay his or her rent and security deposit by money order, cashier's check, or check. California Civil Code Section 1947.3 prohibits a landlord from demanding cash, and/or electronic deposit, as the exclusive forms of payment for [...]else400

Posted In: Real Estate Reporter 

California Domestic Workers (House Keepers & Caregivers) Entitled to Overtime

Written By: Melissa C. Marsh, Esq., California Business Attorney, October 2013
Pursuant to the Industrial Welfare Commission’s Wage Order 15-2001 which governs household occupations, employers were require to pay their household workers (maids, nannies and caregivers) at least the state's mandated minimum wage (presently $8 per hour, increasing to $9 per hour effective Jan. 1, 2014).

Effective [...]endtagpara

Posted In: Employment Law News 

New Penalties for Failing to Provide 5 Minute Shade Breaks to Outdoor Workers

Written By: Melissa C. Marsh, Esq., California Business Attorney, October 2013
Under current law, California Labor Code section 226.7 requires California employers to pay one hour of additional wages for each missed meal or rest break. SB 435, signed into law on October 10, 2013, amends Labor Code §226.7, to require the payment of one hour of additional wages for any missed heat related illness “recovery period” (shade break) not provided to an outside worker when [...]else400

Posted In: Employment Law News 

In 2014, California Minimum Wage Violations May Lead to Greater Penalties

Written By: Melissa C. Marsh, Esq., California Business Attorney, October 2013
Existing law sets a minimum wage for all employees in California, with limited exceptions, and prohibits employers, unless specified, from paying less than the state minimum wage (presently $8 per hour, $9 as of Jan 1, 2014). Under existing law, if a California employer fails to pay the minimum wage, without just cause, the employee may file a claim and receive a judgment, for: (1) the unpaid balance [...]else400

Posted In: Employment Law News 

California Employers Must Proceed Cautiously if an Employee Questions his/her Wages

Written By: Melissa C. Marsh, Esq., California Business Attorney, October 2013
California Labor Code §98.6 prohibits employers from retaliating against any job applicant, or employee, because he or she has engaged in protected conduct. California Labor Code §98.6 further provides that if a court finds that the employer retaliated against an employee for engaging in protected conduct, the employee shall be entitled to reinstatement and reimbursement of lost wages.

Effective [...]endtagpara

Posted In: Employment Law News 

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